Yoga is effective for every body, and if you’ve never done it before or you think you are not flexible enough, well, there is only one way to become flexible : ) During and after menopause, yoga can play a critical role in maintaining balance in your life. It strengthens just about any system in your body you can think of and just 30 minutes a day can drastically change your life. Yoga is especially helpful in menopause when we consider our bones. Daily practice helps decrease bone loss, and builds balance and stamina, both important factors in preventing bone fractures. We will focus on opening the hips and strengthening the pelvis and core with some Warrior postures and forward folds. And as with INDIGO coaching, you will find a safe, non-judgmental space with INDIGO Yoga to explore your own yoga, you will be encouraged to consider how you practice instead of what you practice. You will find space to nurture your capacity to create mindfulness, self-acceptance, and a non-judgmental awareness opening space in your body and mind. I look forward to sharing my practice with you!


A 45 minute slow flow practice with a focus on stretching the back body.

A strong 45 minute practice for balance with lots of standing postures.

An hour long, heart-opening practice with some fun arm balancing.

Allow your soul to find peace in the present moment with this strong, but slow 45 minute practice for the hips and shoulders.