“The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are,” ~ Joseph Campbell 

Discovering and then being who you are is very much a matter of the heart. Especially in our Western, modern day society we have the tendency to, overly so, live in our heads. We think our power center resides in the mind and wrongly live out our days thinking we have everything under control, accordingly. We are so much more than our minds and our thoughts, but once you realize the power of your thoughts and that they will run the show until you make a different choice, there is no turning back. According to Carolyn Myss, in “The Anatomy of the Spirit” the question, “what about me?” is an invocation drawing to ourselves years of repressed, but well-recorded emotional data that, in an instant, can determine a new path for ourselves. We may attempt to run back into the protection of the tribal mind, but its capacity to comfort us is now gone. We begin the formidable task of getting to know ourselves by discovering our true nature – not in relation to anyone or anything else, but in relation to ourselves alone.” 


In this step you will:

  • Discover your true passion and strengthen your personal power 
  • Write your personal vision statement
  • Determine your next step to creating your life of purpose
  • Say “no” to society’s limitations and learn to howl at the moon instead!

Tools you’ll receive:

Healing mantras, shadow work, questions for self-discovery and vision statement template