"Safe upon the solid rock the ugly houses stand, come and see my shining palace built upon the sand!" Edna St. Vincent Millay

“I looked forward to every meeting with Marla. She meets you with
compassion and understanding, assesses what is showing up for you,
asks the right questions and helps set up goals and intentions
that lead to action. You will sign off feeling uplifted, encouraged and empowered to keep moving forward. Instead of just knowing a desired outcome is out there somewhere, Marla helped me identify tools that allow me to see the path to get there. I felt heard during every session and felt I could trust her implicitly,” ~ Cyndi Kemp
I love Marla’s positive energy and reassuring style. After working with her, I have a better understanding of how to be mindful about drinking more water which has greatly improved my health as I no longer experience so many headaches or pressure in my eyes. Marla helped me learn how to listen to my body and be more intentional and mindful about how I eat, including the use of powerful mantras that have replaced my visual notes around the house. Marla gave me a safe space to talk about what I was experiencing from a holistic point of view and I now feel more equipped to navigate all changes that come with menopause from an authentic and purposeful place in my life ~ Johanna Fine
As Marla’s sister, I can attest to her lifelong passion for whole and natural health in body and mind. My sister is a font of knowledge on nutrition and exercise ( a certified yoga instructor) as well as a survivor and thriver of life’s hardships and heartbreaks. I’ve personally benefited from her gentle and firm coaching – especially with a recent eczema flare up that came out of nowhere. Marla coached me to cure the flare solely through diet and supplements without my needing to resort to a steroid cream which would have only masked the symptoms and made it worse. Not only did she coach me to healthy skin again, I also lost 18 pounds in the process! If you are looking for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and constant source of support to transform your own life, look no further.
“I’ve known Marla Privitera for…wow, more than 20 years now. During
that time, I’ve known someone who channels positive energies, has a
keen sense of observation, a commitment to the healing practices, and an
amazing ability to flex in different directions. If you are seeking ways
to live a better life, I strongly recommend her wellness coaching.” Daniel Moriarty

INDIGO is your solution to a healthy lifestyle. . . for life