“And suddenly you know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.” Meister Eckhart

The INDIGO Intensive

90 Day Transformational Coaching

$1,500 one-time payment


$2,100 (paid in three monthly installments of $700 each)

Ready to become your best self?

If you know you want personal support to reach your goals and you’re ready to take a deep dive, The INDIGO Intensive is my flagship coaching program where you’ll receive 3 months of ongoing, personal support. Holistic wellness coaching approaches the client as a whole, total organism. Implicit in this approach is the belief that every facet of our existence influences our wellness and must be in harmony for us to experience wellness. Even if at the beginning a focus is given to the physical body, through coaching it is typical to uncover an element one never expected that needs attention for total wellness and healing. This shift in focus is determined not by the coach, but by the client’s needs and awareness. My function as your coach is to support you on your wellness journey, to create a safe space for you to uncover your obstacles, and to help you create the lasting transformation that you desire. Ultimately, for you to experience the realization of your self as a whole, unique, and healthy being.

Working together through The INDIGO Intensive, you’ll experience in-depth, customized support and tons of personal access to me as you journey throughout your program. 

Program includes:

                  • 6 one-on-one, bi-weekly 60 minute virtual coaching sessions with me 
                  • 6,  22 minute reset calls between sessions to help you stay on track
                  • body type quiz and subsequent eating guide for your type
                  • access to a weekly online live yoga class with me
                  • weekly recorded yoga classes to do at your own convenience
                  • articles on nutrition, hormones, whole foods, your soul’s purpose, body type, rest, exercise, managing stress, sleep hygiene, and many more 
                  • journal prompts and all of the tools listed with each new step
                  • unlimited email and text support from me
                  • on-going, monthly invitations to join the pack for online workshops relevant to our work
``I sink into the ecosystems where everyone thrives!`` ~ author unknown